Chiropractor, Part II

Today’s follow-up was at 6pm, which gave me time to see Aaron, change clothes and feed the cat before heading back out to see Dr. Sue.

Dr. Sue was a few minutes late, due to her son’s senior pictures running longer (or being more difficult) than expected. She rolled up in her minivan just as I was starting to get a little worried about my appointment. When I realized that she’d driven to the office just for me, I thought that was pretty damn cool. She could have said she couldn’t see me today, and scheduled me for some other time. That was mighty considerate of her, I thought.

The session didn’t take quite as long this time, and she noticed right away that my back must be feeling a lot better than it was. She was right; all weekend, all I had were twinges here and there when I bent the wrong way or tried to take too big of a step. The routine was the same as before: moist heat, cracking the neck and upper back, stretching the lower back, ultrasound therapy, and one last neck crack. That got me to feeling almost normal.

I did ask her about her normal price for a visit, and she said it’s $25. She also said that my insurance probably wouldn’t pay for most of it. I told her that Aaron’s visits with Dr. Smith are mostly paid for by insurance, so hopefully these will be, too. I’m going to take care of my co-pay at my next (and hopefully final) visit on Saturday morning at 10:00, so I’m hoping she actually runs my insurance through, instead of assuming the worst.

My back feels like I worked out a little hard. That’s all. It doesn’t hurt like it did — there’s just some muscular soreness. I’m sure that will go away over the course of this week.

Now I need to get back into my exercise routine. I’ve become adept at finding things to watch on TV for the past week, while I was beached on the couch, nursing my back. I’m itching to get active again — which I would never have expected. I mean, I’ve continued to take my lunchtime walks, but I’ve been missing how I feel after a real workout. I did a few upper body exercises with my resistance bands, and did a few ab exercises. None of those seemed to bother my back, which is good. Maybe tomorrow I can try doing a full-on PUSH workout, and just skip past anything that feels like it might hurt (in a bad way — either my knee or my lower back).

Oh, yeah, did I mention that my right knee felt like shit over the weekend? I have no idea what I did, besides walking funny to favor my back, but my knee hurt like a bitch. When I got up to go to work today, it was perfectly fine. WTF?

I’m taking photos and measurements on July 14, in preparation for a renewed phase of my goddamn weight loss plan. I’m going to do this thing, goddammit. I’m sick of kicking ass, then ceasing to kick ass for whatever bullshit reason, then having to kick ass twice as hard to get back to where I was. This is bullshit, and being forced into being sedentary last week really made me see it. I’m going to lose 20 pounds in 15 weeks. By Halloween (preferably sooner), I intend to weight 190. Or be under 30% bodyfat.

(How many pounds of fat would be 4% of my total weight, assuming I were to gain muscle in the process? I don’t even know how to begin calculating that. How much does 20 pounds of fat weigh? —Never mind. Forget I asked that. *smacks forehead*)

I wonder if I could go jogging again yet?