Something’s Not Right Here

I just spent 45 minutes preparing breakfast, lunch, and two snackies for tomorrow. All that food totally fills up my lunch koozie.

It just doesn’t seem right that:
a.) I spend more time thinking about food when I’m trying to lose weight; and
b.) I eat *more* food when I eat healthier than when I just eat.

Holy crap, that’s a lotta food. I think I’m gonna go do a calorie tally on what I ate today, to make sure I’m not off-base.

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  1. People, I have found, do indeed eat more food when they eat healthy since healthy food doesn’t have all the fillers and crap that un-healthy foods tend to have. But you can do a calorie check just to find out. It’s funny that I notice these things but don’t practice them…

  2. I spend more time thinking about food while trying to lose weight, too.

    I’ve decided that the method is “constant vigilance”. When I wasn’t being vigilant about my weight it just crept up and up. When I don’t watch what I eat I eat and forget and eat some more.

    So the method of weight loss is conscious eating, as opposed to unconscious eating, which I used to do.