Standing My Ground

Doing well on the punctuality thing. Clocked in at 8:01 yesterday and 8am today. Even confused myself by getting to the front doors before 8am and having to swipe my card to get in. o_O

Doing well on the menu thing. Had to substitute turkey for ham in this morning’s muffin, but that was probably for the best.

Almost not doing well on the evening exercise. I need to do cardio today, not just a pleasant walk around the ‘hood, but I’m uncomfortably hot and sticky. I’m tossing around the idea of playing DDR in nonstop mode, or doing my Yoga For Dummies DVD (I know, that’s not cardio), or maybe even checking out the cardio track on my current PUSH DVD. I just can’t get excited about driving to Wildwood and taking a jog. I’ll do *something*, though.

I won’t even be hungry for another hour and a half, probably. My afternoon protein shake ended up being the shake that eats like a meal. In the future, I need to actually stick to the recipe.

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  1. Can you get a friend to go with you to Wildwood? Maybe there’s a walking club in your area. If you have to meet other people to work out, it’s a great motivator.

  2. y’know, back when my mom came to visit, she said that it would be OK if I brought a friend with me to pick her up at the Greyhound station, since it would be late and I’d be alone in downtown toledo. And I told her the same thing: I don’t really have any friends close by.

    I have co-workers, and I have friends who live two hours away, and I have Aaron’s friends, but I don’t have anyone nearby who would jog with me in a park or drive with me to the bus station at 10pm on a weeknight.

    That’s really kind of lame.