Diet & Fitness Update, Week Ending 7/22/06

First order of business: my goals for this week. I’d said I was going to stick to the menu I’d laid out, exercise every everning, and arrive on time to work (which may not seem to fit in with the diet thing, but it really does. Trust me on this).

Menu: I did fairly well with sticking to it, considering that this was the first time since… well, ever, really, that I’d laid out such a menu an entire week in advance. I made a couple substitutions here and there, but it was usually simple stuff like swapping out ham for turkey, or making chicken wraps for dinner instead of grilled chicken with grilled peaches. On that task, I give myself an A-.

Exercise: Big steaming pile of poop. I did my PUSH workout on Monday, walked for an hour Tuesday evening, and slacked for the rest of the week. D+.

Arriving on time to work: Beat the timeclock every day. Clocked in at 8:05 one day, which is still technically on time per payroll, but I’d like to do better. Really, though, I’m pretty proud of myself. I can’t think of the last time I clocked in on time every day in a week. I give myself an A on this one.

Results: good. I weighed in at 210 when I declared my do-over, and I weighed in at 206 on both Friday and Saturday mornings. This surprised me, given that I failed to exercise as much as I’d planned.

(I weighed myself on Sunday morning, after a fun Saturday with Aaron and Amy, and I’m not going to disclose that number. I’ll just wait for my body to finish metabolizing that ice cream brownie sundae — split amongst three of us — and my chocolatini.)

Time to set myself some success measures for the coming week. Time to rework the goals I didn’t meet and tweak the ones I did. So, here they are, in no particular order:

  1. Complete 60 minutes of cardio total this week
  2. Drink a minimum of 64oz of water daily
  3. Lights out by 11pm, no matter what

Since my plan to exercise every weekday didn’t work out so well, let’s try a different tack. I know my problem is cardio, so let’s ramp that up a little. …OK, I guess anything would be “ramping it up,” considering that I’m not really doing any cardio at all right now, even though I know I should. Aaron was kind enough to hook up the Playstation (PSX) for me, so I can play Dance Dance Revolution, so I’ll do that at least one night. I plan to go out jogging one night, as well. Maybe catch up on some of my podcasts. Maybe if I don’t listen to music, I won’t have any time reference, and I can stop worrying about how long I’ve been jogging, and whether I should try to keep going or give in and walk a little.

I have the feeling I might not have drunk enough water last week, so I’m going to actually track my water intake this coming week. According to some calculations, I should be drinking even more water per day, but I’ll stick with the standard 8 glasses for now.

I’ve been doing well with getting to work on time, so let’s tackle the other end of the routine: getting to sleep. I’ve heard so many different ways of dealing with sleep habits, I don’t know what to believe. I’ll only know when I find out what works for me. So, the first part of my attempt to establish a nightly routine is to make sure I’m in bed WITH THE LIGHTS OUT by 11pm. Not reading, not playing solitaire or Dope Wars on my Palm, but relaxing and trying to get to sleep. The next steps after this will be turning off all electronics by 10pm and establishing a nightly ritual of relaxation before bed. For now, though, we’ll just work on the actual bed time.

Four pounds down. Go me. 😀

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  1. \o/ go team you! a lot about fitness/lifestyle/etc isnt something someone else can tell you to do. they can suggest something maybe you didn’t think about, but really that’s the extent of it :/ ya know?

    congrats on the timeliness and the 4lbs!! 😀 <3.

  2. three days later, and that extra 3 ½ pounds is still there. hasn’t moved. this concerns me. must exercise more (and possibly eat less).

    losing half a pound would still be ok, i guess, but not nearly as good as four. o.O

  3. just had to do some exercise, i guess. dropped two of those weekend pounds yesterday. now i’m down 2½ pounds instead of 4. still ahead of the game. it’s all good.