Got The Bug Again

I think that the current incarnation of my portfolio website must hold the record for the longest-running web design I’ve ever created without redesigning.

That streak may be broken soon.

I’ve got the itch to redesign my site — especially since I’ve learned SO much more about stylesheets since I first designed my current portfolio site. I need to fix my freelance (aka “services”) section to reflect what I’m truly comfortable freelancing, punch up the design a bit, and update the examples of my wares. Maybe remove the stuff from back in 1998 that doesn’t look so hot compared to today’s standards. I also need to make sure everything works in IE, Netscape (I guess), and Firefox. Everything doesn’t right now.

I don’t think I’ll redo it in Flash, although I really should put some of that pricey (for me) Flash workshop to use. I get so much stupid blog traffic from Google, though, that I’d rather my portfolio site be indexable.

Sooo… I may be embarking on yet another project. Hopefully I’ll actually finish this one, or at least have the decency to quit it before I get in too deep.

Update, 10:40pm: I hate it when I get the design bug. For inspiration, I go and look at sites like Cameron’s, and then I wonder if I’ve really ever discovered my own design style at all. I never think my shit looks slick enough, no matter how much my husband assures me that it kicks ass. Damn.

Update, 10:45pm: I should totally make my own “blogroll” database. I could easily make one of those little popup windows and populate the current URL and add it to my own SQL database and even make little icons for my links later, if I wanted. And maybe even a “shoutbox” of my own, too, although I’d have to make sure I didn’t leave any security issues out there. …But I was talking about redesigning my *portfolio*, not tweaking my blog. Right…?