Learning My Lesson

I made a very poor decision this morning.

As I was nuking my Kashi Honey Cinnamon hot cereal, I spied with my little eye… Zebra Cakes. In the vending machine. OMGsnackies. So, I took my hot cereal and my glass of water back to my desk, and returned with dollar bill in hand to get an extra goodie for my breakfast. And I ate both the Kashi and the Zebra Cake.

And I felt SO sick for the rest of the day. The only time I felt better was when my cubemate gave me a stick of mint gum to settle my stomach. Not even Lipton tea helped.

Let that be a lesson to me. Don’t eat 30+ grams of sugar for breakfast. Your body will rebel against you and let you know you done a baaaad thing.

4 thoughts on Learning My Lesson

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  1. ugh. i know what you mean. we used to be DYING for cheat days. then we’d cheat. and feel like utter and complete shit 😛

  2. Amen. I remember the one time the Atkins Diet was actually working for me (read: I stuck to it) and I cheated with a brownie. I’ve never done 4 cups of cocaine, but I’m sure the sugar rush I experienced was pretty close…then came the icky feelings and the crashing and the bleh.

    Lesson learned.