Diet & Fitness Update, Week Ending 7/29/06

Considering my god-awful diet weekend with Aaron and Amy, and my lack of exercise this past week, only going up half a pound isn’t unreasonable. I’m now officially at 206.5 lbs. I’m still ahead of the game: I’ve lost 3½ pounds in two weeks. I’m OK with that. Gotta keep things rolling.

To review: for this week, I had been planning to do 60 minutes of cardio, drink a crapload of water, and get to bed by 11pm.

Cardio: Total bust. I only exercised once this week (besides my daily lunch walk, which I don’t even really count anymore), and that was to do a PUSH workout on Monday. I totally dropped the ball for the rest of the week. WTF.

Water: Good to go. I kept track for the first few weekdays, then realized that I was doing fine and stopped counting the tally-marks by my water glass. I easily drink at least 64 oz of water a day without even trying. To get up over 100 oz would be more of a challenge for me.

Bedtime: Improved. I didn’t get to bed by 11pm every night, but I did most nights. On the nights I didn’t, I at least made an effort to chill out by 11pm, and get to bed as soon as possible after that.

This week is going to be interesting. I’m on vacation, and Aaron’s on vacation. Otakon starts on Friday, and we’re driving out to Baltimore on Thursday. I know I need to set myself up for success and all that, but I really don’t know what kinds of goals to set for myself. I didn’t make myself a menu for the week, mainly because I don’t know what we’ll be doing, and it’s a lot easier for me to plan my meals when I’m on a rigid schedule, being at work. Helps to break up the day.

So, my goals for this week are to continue to eat five smaller meals a day, instead of the two large ones I’ll be tempted to eat instead; to exercise at least three days, one of those days being in the hotel at Otakon; and to continue to walk for an hour every day (at least Monday through Wednesday — I don’t know how conducive downtown Baltimore would be to a walk, especially at the weird times I won’t be in the con). I might switch up my times, like exercising in the afternoon and walking with Aaron after the sun goes down in the evening. Might make things easier for a vacation-week lifestyle. 🙂 Maybe the Marriott Inner Harbor has a weight room or something.

*checks website*

Looks like they do have a Fitness Center. Now I have to figure out how in the hell I’m going to get up early enough to actually use it. Oh, and they have an indoor pool, whirlpool, and sauna, too. There’s no way I’m going to manage to get Aaron in that sauna, though. 🙂

OK, so let’s amend #2 on my list: I’m going to use the Fitness Center at least once during my stay in Baltimore. I can do this.

*psyches self up*

Note to self: bring workout clothes and swanky new black swimsuit.

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  1. Dieting and conventioning don’t really go hand-in-hand, particularily not on Jan Scott Frasier’s blog. That said, the Baltimore convention center is pretty huge and you’ll be walking around largely all day, not to mention walking to and from your hotel. There’s so much to do and so little time that I doubt you’ll have time to swim or visit the Fitness Center.

    My method in the past has been to really focus on what you eat during the con. You can fulfill your daily caloric requirements with a couple of meals eaten out and a snack. I suggest bring dried fruits and veggies that aren’t overly sugared. Also drink lots of water.

  2. Good point about walking to and from the hotel. That, plus a potential walk to the 24-hour grocery and walking around the con, should be plenty of steps for the day.

    Aaron went and got us a pack of bottled water, two kinds of trail mix, protein bars, and some other non-perishables for me to tote around in my Con Survival Bag™. Hopefully, that will do it.