New ‘Do

Ladies and gentlemen: my new hairdo.

Once again, I donated my hair to Locks of Love; however, this time, I went to Aaron’s usual stylist, Great Clips. I didn’t have great expectations for Great Clips, but they did give me a free cut for donating my hair, and they’re only a few minutes from our house. They didn’t do fancy poofy hair-drying like Hair E. Canary in BG did, and didn’t make my hair look all fresh-from-the-stylist or anything, but they cut it for free, and will be mailing it in themselves, thus saving me postage.

It ended up a little longer than last time, too, since Great Clips took exactly ten inches off my hair. Last time, I had the stylist at Hair E. Canary just cut it *short*, which ended up being 14″ of hair. Whee! Anyway, I’m glad this is just short enough to swing above my shoulders, but long enough to pull back if I need to (albeit with a few wispies at the nape of my neck).

So… whaddaya think?

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  1. squee!!! it’s cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuute yaye!! 😀 i didnt realize your hair had gotten that long…

    also, hello rack! that’s a boob shirt if i’ve ever seen one. hubba hubba! 😉