Seven Years Ago I Was…

  • 23 years old, enrolled in Summer semester at BGSU, including my first photography class
  • Living in an efficiency apartment with a porch and accompanying porch swing
  • Hardcoding my websites and eschewing all WYSIWYG editors
  • Wishing I had my own webserver to play with, so I could learn more about PHP and dynamic websites, instead of hosting my shit on Geocities and Angelfire
  • Beginning my first (still unfinished) novel on a second-hand Classic Mac (SE 30, I believe)
  • Dating Aaron (my current husband) for three years running

Where were you seven years ago?

[inspired by Cameron Moll]

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  1. i loved your efficiency! we watched 8mm reels on the walls.

    7 years ago, Fall 1999, lesseeeeee…
    i was:
    – Starting my 3rd year of college
    – Just moving into my first apartment with Julie
    – Driving a 1987 Buick with no catalytic converter, no lock on the trunk, power nothin and no a/c (how DID i survive?)
    – Dating eric for about a year
    – Working for RCC. I cant remember if i worked for Staples yet at that point.
    – climbing up into the 160s as far as weight goes
    – still following fruvous. 😛

  2. 7 years ago…
    I was pregnent, starting my first teaching job, and trying to get used to a new city. Looking back, I wish I never took that job….