Diet & Fitness Update, Week Ending 8/19/06

To all of you who scoffed at my intention to go jogging: you were right.

However… despite that, I still managed to lose 2½ pounds. That brought me down to 205 even. w00t!

Last week saw the return of the DietOrganizer program for Palm OS. Monday was kind of a shocker for me, as I just ate how I would normally eat, evening binge and all, and the calories just kept piling on. My little carb meter was in the red, and my overview said I’d eaten 600 calories more than I should have. Damn. After that reawakening, I was much more careful about my portion sizes and my foods in general. Let’s hear it for an electronic conscience.

Now, I *had* said that I would allow myself to buy some cool new clothes when I hit 205, buuuut… I think I’m going to wait until I’ve proven to myself that I can *stay* there. If I’m still 205 or lower by this coming Saturday, then maybe I’ll go on a little mini-shopping-spree. (See, I weighed myself on Sunday morning, after a day of Indian and Chinese food, and I’d gained a pound and a half just from that. I’m counting on losing that buffet weight pretty quickly, though, but I forgot to weigh myself this morning to check my progress.)

For this week, I’m continuing to track my food intake, and adding one more element: exercise. I haven’t done my PUSH workouts in much too long. This evening, I tried to step up to the next DVD, just for something different, and it was way too much for me. I’m going to have to go back to the last workout I was on before I slacked off, and continue with that one this week. No shame in that. I’m still exercising.

As I mentioned earlier, I’ve also restarted my podcast. I’m hoping that this will force me to focus on my eating and fitness habits (which is the reason why I originally started the podcast in the first place). Can’t go being a hypocrite, after all.

It’s slow going. I keep falling off the horse… but as long as I get back on, I’m OK. As long as the number on the scale is creeping downward instead of upward, I’m winning.

I’m gonna be all right.