Diet & Fitness Update, Week Ending 9/2/06

I didn’t write a diet update last week, mainly because I gained a pound and a half from that damn Chinese buffet right before I wrote my last update, and didn’t manage to lose it right away. In fact, I was solidly stuck at 206.5 for… *checking Excel chart* …exactly a week. Then I dropped half a pound and stayed at 206 even until this morning, when I dropped another half pound. My official week-ending weight is 206, though.

Someday I’ll reach my five-pound mini-goal, and I’ll get to buy myself some new autumn clothes. *sigh* It bothers me that I still fit into last year’s new autumn clothes, though. I’d planned on being so much less fat by now. At least I’m not more fat, I guess.

I’ve been better at doing cardio for these past two weeks, although I’m still doing much less than I should. The Kickboxing I workout from PUSH is excellent, focusing on proper form and working up through the 30-minute workout to a final sequence of moves. I also enjoy the trainer’s positive attitude, which is pleasant and upbeat without making me want to strangle myself.

I’ve also been doing much better on weekends. Usually, I gain anywhere between half a pound and a pound and a half over a weekend. For the past two weekends, I’ve stayed completely steady after the weekend, and I attribute that to being more reasonable at restaurants. We’ve stayed away from my mortal weight-loss enemy, the Happy Rose Buffet, and I’ve employed lots of standard diet tactics, like putting half of an entree into a to-go container right off the bat or ordering from the appetizer section of the menu.

For this week, I’m planning to add another day of exercise to the fray. For the last two weeks, I’ve been doing kickboxing one day of the week, and that’s it. Not including my daily walk, of course. I’m planning to add a day of PUSH strength training back into the mix, and hopefully build up to where I should be. I also need to suspend my PUSH account temporarily, because I’m nearly three months behind on my DVDs.

It’s frustrating to be losing so slowly, but I *am* losing. I’ve learned my lesson about bingeing on weekends, and I know that continued exercise will help me keep losing weight. I may not reach the weight goal I wanted to reach by Thanksgiving, but I’ll keep going, anyway.