Drum Corps Withdrawal

Some years, I just don’t get “into” corps. I always go to the Toledo show in June — usually the first show of the season for most corps involved — but sometimes, I can’t really get excited about making two-hour drives to see other shows during the summer. This was one of those years.

Tonight, on ESPN2, I watched highlights from the DCI World Championship Finals. I recorded it on the PVR program on Aaron’s computer, and am currently burning it to DVD. In a few more minutes, I will have a DVD of the two-hour program I just watched, complete with chapter stops to skip the commercials. Tomorrow, this DVD may even have a fancy label printed right on the disc, if I get around to designing one.

Some years, I get “into” corps right about the time the highlights are broadcast on ESPN2 or PBS or whatever medium they’re in. I’m not sure if this is one of those years or not.

We’ll see tomorrow, after I listen to the On The 50 podcast that’s been sitting neglected on my iPod for weeks. If I bring my old DCI tapes downstairs and start digitizing them and burning them to DVD, that’s a sign.

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  1. yeah! I was actually going to ask if you were going to do a fancy-like recording of the HOT CORPS ACTION!

    I’ll gladly pay you for a copy…and that pixies show from ASL with the mad-designed packaging!


  2. Only if you come over and hang out with us. 😛

    And, if you wait a few more weeks, you may have another item to throw on the stack o’ goodies. Of the XXXL variety. Once it comes back from the printer with its buddies.