“Published” Photos?

I received a message on Flickr today, from an Alexandra Moss at schmap.com. It seems that these two photos are to be included in the second edition of an electronic guide to Baltimore — with my permission, of course.

How neat!

It somehow validates my meager talent and boosts my self-esteem when I get non-solicited praise on my photography. I forget sometimes that I really am OK.

Incidentally, these Schmap Guides seem to be pretty cool. If I could put one of these on my Palm IIIc, or even an iPod Photo, that would really be the bee’s knees.

4 thoughts on “Published” Photos?

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  1. That’s so cool, congrats! You’re officially famous. That makes me wonder too if Aaron is going to get his 5 minutes of fame too as he makes a guest appearance in your beer pic.

  2. yeah, maybe i should actually get aaron’s permission for his likeness to be published… heh.

    i think his 15 minutes of fame will come from his anime podcast, really, more than from this little pic. 🙂

  3. Technically speaking, I was already published back in February 2000, with this photo of my cat.

    That was one of those things where it seems all legit, then you pay to have your photo included, and you get the book for a “discount.” Back then, I was uber-poor, so I just paid the minimum to get my photo included.

    Which begs the question: if you pay to get your photo published in a book, then you don’t actually purchase the book… and you never see the book… how do you know it’s *really* in there?