Low-Key Evening

Aaron’s off at a Frank Black show in Cleveland with Kris and Kris this evening. I opted not to go for several reasons, not the least of which being that I have to work tomorrow. Instead, I ended up throwing together a (half-assed) Halloween podcast, which frees up tomorrow night for my annual Halloween genealogy devotional.

The time change seems to be catching up with me tonight, too. It’s not even 10pm yet, and already I’m feeling like it’s time to wash the dishes and go to bed. Yesterday’s leaf-raking extravaganza has well and truly taken hold, as well, so my back and arms are hella sore and stiff, which is also helping to edge me toward bed.

Good thing I didn’t end up going to the show — I’d be turning into a pumpkin barely halfway through, and putting a damper on everyone’s good time.

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