Day Two of Not-NaNo

I wrote nearly 1,000 words tonight, and came up with a more detailed backstory about one character’s genealogy. I also wrote out a timeline of events, so I can decide in which month each event happens, so I can more accurately present the setting and all that shit.

Basically, I’m filling out the interpersonal part of the story, because that’s what I’m feeling right now. Later on, I’ll add in more of the supernatural bits, the backstories, the setting and more characterization and all that. For right now, I’m being very juvenile and wanting to write my more emotionally charged scenes — and no, they’re not all love scenes. Actually, I’ll end up having very few of those, all told. I’m going for more tension than actual fan-service. Y’know?

I ended up writing for around three hours tonight, and I wouldn’t have stopped if my brain hadn’t wanted to go to sleep already.

This weekend, I’ll be in Michigan at Youmacon, so that’ll put the kabosh on any writing for a few days. I’m sure I’ll get back into the groove when I get back, though. I’m finally starting to get over my “what do I write next” hurdle, and am just writing *around* the story until I figure out the exact logistics of everything, and the backstories of all the characters and such.

I remember why I enjoy this now.

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