An Open Letter To Aetna

Dear Aetna:

I have been covered under my husband’s insurance, provided by your company, since we were married in 2003. However, as my family did not always have insurance coverage, I did not get in the habit of visiting medical professionals for regular checkups. Therefore, up until recently, I only had rare occasion to use my husband’s insurance, and had little to no problems with the coverage.

When my husband and I decided to try to conceive, I decided that I should visit a gynecologist, to get a pap test and ensure that all my parts were functioning properly. My doctor prescribed pre-natal vitamins, which were covered by my husband’s prescription program (not through your company). My pap test, however, was not covered by Aetna, and I had to pay $148 for an exam which is generally accepted to be a necessary preventative measure for all adult women. Since this expense was not for the treatment of an existing condition, and was considered preventive medicine rather than treatment, your company did not foot the bill.

One is forced to wonder whether Aetna would prefer millions of women to develop cervical cancer, instead of paying for the preventative measure of an annual pap test.

Yours truly,
Diana Schnuth

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  1. I have Aetna too. It sucks. I was wanting to do one of those sleep apnea(spelling?) tests because I usually feel like I got hit by a train when I wake up…nope not covered. I have heard of people having similiar problems. Want to hear a real joke, you should call and see how much they cover for child birth. Hell, if they don’t cover a PAP I can only imagine.

  2. Already looked into that, as anyone would by getting an unexpected bill. They will cover that just fine and lay it all out for you. But if you go to the doctor and your not hurt or sick, like if I wanted to get a physical…. forget it. So I guess the idea is to wait until your sick, and then go in for 50 different things. 🙂

  3. But I thought the insurance industry was trying to ***prevent*** things. I used to have United Health Care and even though both companies suck…I think UHC was better. So far I am unimpressed with Aetna, but at least they pay part of my prescriptions. This reminds me–Universal Health Care for everyone!!!