Stream of Consciousness Wrap-Up

I’ve been putting off chronicling the events of Friday the 19th in my personal, offline journal. I need to do it, though, even if just for historical purposes (rather than cathartic and psychological ones). I hate it when I go searching for a major life event in my old journals — say, my first period, or when Mom and Tom separated, or something like that — and all I get is a big gap between dates and an entry that starts, “It’s been a while since I’ve written. X thing happened, and now I’m in an entirely new setting, and I’m totally done freaking the fuck out.”

I want to have the option of going back and remembering that hectic and tragic day, and how we tried in vain to take our minds off things later that weekend.

Along the same vein… Aaron and I spent some time thinking about this second chance we now have to do something wild and/or expensive before having kids. Before doing any number-crunching, we thought about visiting Japan, or the UK, or attending DragonCon over Labor Day weekend, or even just taking a cruise or doing the all-inclusive resort thing. When we sat down in front of Travelocity and priced plane tickets, though, we realized that we may just be waaaay out of our league. Plunking down over three grand on a Japan trip would take us in the opposite direction we want to go with our credit card debt.

As much as I want to do something fun and slightly financially irresponsible before we have kids, I know we should really be focusing on saving money and paying down our debts instead. But, damn, when else are we going to be able to drop everything and go on a kick-ass international vacation? Ah, well. We’ve had big ideas that fell through before, and I’m sure we’ll have them again. As for this one, we’ll see where it goes, if anywhere. We might just end up… hell, I don’t know *where* we’ll end up.

Speaking of second chances, I’ve started rewatching my PUSH workout DVDs from disc #2. The first workout on disc #2 successfully kicked my butt this evening. I am highly embarrassed by this, considering that I got seven discs total during my subscription, and made it through four before I started to slack. The thing is, though, that I was forbidden from exercising while I was pregnant, and I really missed it. That last week, I wasn’t even allowed to take my daily walks, and ended up chilling out on a quiet couch during my lunch hours instead. (Not that it helped, of course.)

Now, I have the opportunity to take a few months to tone myself and get myself back into halfway-decent shape, lose another ten pounds, firm up my abs, and do all that physical training that I found myself wishing I’d done before I conceived. It’s like a do-over of sorts.

All right. Enough. I’ll see if I can’t manage to blog about something else in the near future. I’ll at least get back into weekly diet and exercise updates for ya. As always, though, I can’t promise that I won’t randomly sink into a bout of depression. That’s par for the course where I’m concerned. 🙂