Planning the Ultimate Schnuth Vacation

Former travellers to Japan, please complete the following sentence:

“I can’t believe you’re planning a trip to Japan and you’re not planning to go to                !”

That’s right, fellow readers, we’re taking the plunge and heading off to Japan, most likely in May. My lowest APR credit card just so happens to be able to swing airfare and hotel for a week in the Land of the Rising Sun. It’s not the best financial decision we could make, but it’s one of those things that I think we’d regret not having done when we had the chance.

We’re going to sit down soon (probably this weekend) and think about things we really MUST do while we’re in Japan, particularly Tokyo. We may have to forego our tour of southern Japan, just due to funding issues. We’ll see. At any rate, we already have some destinations on the potential to-do-in-Japan list:

I’m sure there’s a lot more we’d like to do, including visiting a shrine and just walking around the city, but that’s all I can come up with right this moment. Anyone have any additions, especially within a decent subway-ride of Tokyo?

I’ve also heard that it won’t matter that we’re not fluent in Japanese. Actually, only Sheryl has told me that, and she’s one of about three people I know (other than friends of friends) who have been to Japan. Who else wants to chime in on this one? Will I be OK asking how much this costs, how do I get to [insert place here], knowing my right from my left, counting to ten (and higher if I think really hard), and basic shit like that? Has everyone else had Sheryl’s same experience of dealing with English-speakers in all the important places? What words do I need to be able to *read*, if any?

(Aaron’s not too good with languages, and I’m cool with that. If one of us has to go take a crash course on Japanese, I’m it. Bring on the vidcasts and websites and CDs.)

I am SO stoked for this. I haven’t been this excited about a trip in a long, long time.

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  1. ummm, most of mine involves food? so i’m gonna have to go with “eat yaki-niku” 😀

    also, eat currypan. and anpan. and anything ending with -pan. 😀

    and watch TV for a while to try to a) memorize the 7-11 jingle b) find naked people or c)see commercials that make you go bzuh?

  2. Hmmm…a certain person forgot to mention this over lunch this afternoon. Have fun.
    Time to utilize your public library, maybe they have some language tapes, or a trip to the bookstore.


    I have a friend LIVING there right now! I’m sure he could offer some pointers. Interested in his email or anything?

    Seriously though, I’m so excited for you guys! Awesome stuff!!!

  4. OK. Natto vs. pineapple Kat Kat. Which is more vile? If the pineapple Kit Kat wins, I’ve done my time and will not be trying natto EVAR. 😉

    If I ever get feeling sadomasochistic, there’s an Asian Mart down the road from us. I’m sure they’re got some natto. Maybe they’ve got some red bean ice cream to cleanse our palettes afterward, too.

  5. oh, definately natto.

    and yeah,there is a market somewhere in south toledo that sells it, but they have it in the frozen foods? i only found one in t-town that had it.

    Japanese people eat it for breakfast tho. there’s the real challenge 😉

  6. I don’t know a lot about travelling Japan, but I did want to put in a word to say GOOD FOR YOU! I’ve been waging the same war with myself (on a smaller scale)… financial vs. fun. What I’ve come to decide is that once in awhile you just have to go for it and know that you’ll have wonderful moments to remember forever and that’s worth the monthly payments and more.