A Productive Morning

This morning’s accomplishment: the majority of a CSS layout for my new portfolio. It still needs navigation, which will be in the lower left of the screen, and my logotype in the lower right. For the most part, though, the basic framework is up.

Just thought I’d share. OK, back to work. Maybe I’ll get the dynamic display thingie working before I tackle the navigation, as it’s been a while since I coded pop-up layers/divs for menus.

Update, 6:15pm: I got my PHP/SQL displaying everything but the “keywords” I plugged in. I have a table that lists all the technologies and/or software used for a project; for instance, the LSM site has as keywords PHP, MySQL, HTML/XHTML, and CSS. Once I threw that keywords table into the mix, it totally screwed up all of my logic. I think I have some more ideas up my sleeve before I go calling for help (to Sheryl and Dan and whoever else knows and cares), but this has really been harshing my mellow this afternoon.

Apart from that, though, it works! Holy shit.

Update, 7pm: After a 30-minute, unrelated phone chat with Dan, I implemented one of my brainstorms, and it appears to work. Yay for arrays! Now, I just need to figure out how to put commas between the array elements… later. Details come later. For now, making the damn thing work in the first place is top priority.

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  1. Sorry I stood you up as I blew through Ohio, but I’m sure you understand. That’s what makes you so great. You understand when your friends act like tools.

    Anyway, I’m looking forward to seeing your brainstorm in action.

  2. ah, my brainstorm just involved how to get my keywords to display (where it says “Technologies” on my CSS layout link). I ran a smaller query first, made an array with the multiple keywords, then ran a full query with all the info I needed, but only returning one row. Then I displayed the row, walking through the keywords array when it came to that point, and voila. No more confusion.

    And it’s no problem about being stood up. I understand about trips to and from Michigan and Ohio. 🙂