Snow Day!

In the nearly five years I’ve worked for Sky, I don’t think I have ever had a snow day. An official one, anyway.

Last night, I called work to let them know that I would be under a two-hour delay, and would be in at 10am, barring any further weather developments. This morning, my supervisor called to let me know that Lucas County is under a Level 3 snow advisory, and that Sky is closed — for the morning, anyway. I’m supposed to confirm with our Status Line between now and noon to see whether things have changed, although it looks like we’re still under a Level 3.

I haven’t seen drifts like this in years. A plow came down our street yesterday evening; this morning, you wouldn’t even be able to tell there was a road there if you didn’t know (and if the mailboxes didn’t tip you off). The mail didn’t show up yesterday until 5:30pm, and the substitute mail chick nearly got her mail truck stuck two houses down from us.

If the Status Line says we’re opening for the afternoon, I’m going to call in and use a half day of personal time. Screw that. I don’t even know if the snow emergency will have abated by the time Aaron has to go in to work tonight. I’m glad he stayed home last night; I wasn’t comfortable with letting him go out with the roads the way they were yesterday.

Being that I’m officially allowed to be home from work… this isn’t bad. Once I have to start driving in it again, though, I’m going to lose my Talcott-ish love for the snow and go back to being my typical, winter-hating self.

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  1. i worked from home yesterday because i heard the snow was gonna hit at like 10ish? I’d even driven all the way to work (about a 1 hour drive) and then drove straight back because someone told me it was gonna hit soon. I’m glad i did. people told me the commute home was horrible.

    then this morning i took one look outside and said “f that” and just drove to the closer office – there’s one 15 minutes from me, but the one i actually work is an hour away. i cant do it every day? but in these situations i can.

  2. My supervisor called in. That’s what I found out because of the level three. I called at 5am and said there was no chance of me making it. Driving home yesterday at 4 was treacherous enough. Going to 75 NB in front of Jeep the ramp was ice covered and I could feel my car sliding backward! Tomorrow back to the grind–today is DVD catch up day!

  3. I’ve been home for 2 days. We have icicles hanging from trees and power lines. I spent an hour scraping ice off my car. Schools are already declaring 2 hr delays for tomorrow. I hope we are, and we get out at 1:00 in the afternoon.