Definitely A Learning Experience

I gave myself one week to come up with three to five composites for my website redesign client. No problem — I did similar projects with similar deadlines in college. VCT, graphic design, yeah. No problem.

I hate all of my ideas.

No, let me rephrase: I can’t seem to translate the ideas in my head to something that looks good on-screen. I feel like I’m missing lots of the finer details and the subtleties that I admire in other designers. Shadows, patterns, gradients, tiny lines and shapes and ornamentations that just aren’t popping into my head. The 4×3″ ballpoint pen drawings look like drawings of decent web page designs; my Photoshop comps look like a VCT 102 student put them together.

Maybe trying to take design cues from my favorite designers isn’t the best way to go. Maybe I’m being too hard on myself because of it. In any case, I have one evening and two weekend days to finish at least one and a half comps, if not more, and preferably improve on what I already have completed. If I have to give them crap and say they’re first drafts, I will, but I’d rather give them awesome comps and just let them choose what kind of website they want.

It’s just so frustrating. I finally have the opportunity to wow a client with my flair… and now… *pfft*

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  1. you know, most of the designers i know do their POCs in photoshop and then code it later 😛 i’ll ask if they have some sort of tool for it, because it sounds like a lot of work. i’ll ask our guy today for ya 🙂