Step One Complete

Four composites are now completed and posted on a private website for my client to peruse. One of them totally sucks, one could become something decent, and two of them are actually not bad. Truth be told, I really like one of them, but it’s the most totally boring one of the lot. Says something about my style and personality, maybe, that I prefer the muted and beige and straitlaced design over the one(s) with bold colors and rounded corners and other elements I don’t usually use.

I sent the link to my clients around 9pm this evening; my self-imposed deadline was tomorrow. I said I’d have a completed website in four to six weeks once we finalize the design, and I think that sounds completely reasonable. The only issue is going to be figuring out how to allow them to make additions to content without using a database. (From what I can tell, it would cost extra on their hosting plan.) Their usual modus operandi is Frontpage, as I’ve mentioned before, and I’m afraid it would wreak havoc on any design I would throw out there.

We’ll come up with something. I have a few tricks up my sleeve.