On Blogging

I was looking through my old archives today, seeking out the tattoo of my name in Elvish that I really wanted to get back in 2002:

when it occured to me that I’ve been doing this blogging thing for quite a while now. Nonstop. Since September 2002, and sporadically before that, before blogging had a name (that I knew of, anyway). Reading Dooce‘s entry from today about the anniversary of her own website made me think about it again.

Sometimes I wonder if I should be trying to “make it” in the blogosphere. If I should get some Google Ads going on, and write more carefully-crafted entries that read more like essays on Life than normal journal entries. And I realize that this is still what it’s always been: my journal, but online, for my long-distance friends to read.

One of the main reasons I started this, besides to get back into daily writing and journaling, was to keep in touch with all my scattered friends in Michigan, Missouri, California, Illinois, Arizona, and various places in Ohio, amongst others. That random strangers and new friends find my blog is just a bonus.

Do I wish this thing were bigger and more popular? Not really. Keeps the pressure off. Keeps me honest. Keeps me writing about normal things I’d write about in a normal journal, like how my weight loss is going or what I had for dinner or OMG Japan vacation in the works.

I’m content just being one singular, generally grammatically-correct thread in the giant tapestry that is the blogosphere. You all read my drivel, and comment on occasion, and that’s all I’m really here for.