Smells Like Spring

I realized just now that the smell of spring reminds me of living off-campus during the summers at BGSU. Particularly, the upstairs apartment/duplex on Troup Street, across from the TV station. The one with the unusually short screen door that Aaron would bash his head on every damn weekend. That was the summer of… 2000, I believe.

Of course, this same spring breeze also reminds me of sitting on the porch swing of my efficiency apartment back in 1999; or laying on the top bunk of a borrowed futon-loft in the room I rented in 1998, at 2am with the window open. Spring, to me, smells like standing alone, feeling grown-up, being responsible, but without feeling the weight that true responsibility carries.

Someday, when different memories are fresh in my mind, maybe spring will smell like something else to me — gardening, or travelling, or having the kids home from school. That’s a long way off, though.

The smell of spring makes me feel alive, like something new and different is around the corner, and I’m not quite sure why. Maybe it’s because I prefer warm spring weather over the cold of winter, or because spring means the daylight hours are longer, or because spring meant the end of school for so many of my formative years. Or maybe it’s simply because the greenery finally makes its appearance.

At any rate, this 60-plus-degree weather is fantastic… even though I know it won’t last the week.

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  1. Spring reminds me of evening walks with my Diana. ice cream…all over. that little tree we watched grow. going to the beach when the natives thought it was too cold,lol. quiet walks in Burbank with my best friend. I love spring.

  2. and that nice lady who worked at the dairy knoll! and watching my stream from that little white picket bridge, and walking to the post office every day.

  3. …the front porch restaurant? i remember eating ice cream sundaes there, but not orange freezes. (maybe you got the orange freeze, and not me?)

    heck, how about eating macaroni & cheese at the restaurant in k-mart? or getting wild cherry slush puppies at the convenient store, and then me walking so slow while i drank mine? 😀

  4. The smell of spring makes me think of the first outdoor drum corps camp each year. How the new grass and nearly-muddy soil smelled as we learned our drill and got sunburns.

    The smell of spring also reminds me of friends and impending adventures.

  5. my drum corps weather smell memories mainly involve dusk in the summer, being outside after shows or after rehearsal.

    although i do have fond memories of that one camp in clinton, where i marched in my pink hightops in mud up to my ankles. i remember that people were actually losing shoes in the mud, and going through a weekend’s worth of socks in one day.

  6. drum corp! I had NEVER seen you that burnt before I think you kept that tan for a couple of years.LOL

    slushies were K mart

    you sure loved that mac and cheese