Plug Your Desk Hole With a USB Hub

I no longer have a desk to accomodate such a thing, but I so could have used this back when I worked at RCC.

It’s a USB hub that fits in the little 3-inch desk hole where your cables go. How cool is that. Belkin is apparently planning to release an iPod dock adapter along these same lines. OMGWTFBBQ. I <3 gadgetry... except when I currently have no earthly use for it. Maybe someday I'll reclaim sufficient geek status to work somewhere with a desk hole. *sigh* [via NOTCOT.ORG]

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  1. Don’t worry; I had to have it explained to me, too. You’re really not missing anything. It’s really what you think:

    OMG = Oh My God
    WTF = What The Fuck
    BBQ = Barbeque

    It’s a play on the internet lingo alphabet soup that ppl use today. It’s the same thing as someone typing, “OMG!!!!111eleventy-one!” The person typing is just being an internet dork. 😀