We Are The Champions

Looks like James owes me ten bucks.

Unfortunately, I didn’t have much success following the SparkDiet this month. Well, I had success in *following* it, but not in losing weight because of it. My weight on March 1st was 202.5 lbs; my weight today, on April 1st, is 202 lbs. After the losses and the gains over the past month, I’m only half a pound below where I started.

Time for a new strategy.

Starting this week, I’m going to be monitoring my carbohydrate intake more closely, and to hell with calories. Well, calories are a good judge of portion size in general, so not entirely to hell with them. They just won’t be my be-all end-all, man-I-fucked-up gauge.

If this doesn’t do something for me, maybe I ought to go back on a “real” diet. One that’s published in a book, and that I follow properly, instead of this grow-your-own bullshit I’ve been trying to do lately. It’s obviously not as successful, and I’m obviously not a medical professional or nutritionist or personal trainer. I don’t know.

I’m not going to beat myself up over it, though. I’m going to give my grow-your-own SparkDiet another, oh, two weeks or so. If I haven’t lost at least three pounds by the end of two weeks — I think that’s a reasonable expectation — I’m going to go back on a structured low-carb diet. Probably not Atkins, but maybe Sugar Busters or another related diet. I certainly have enough books that I’ve never read and reviewed for my now abandoned podcast. We’ll see.

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  1. If you are trying to kill the last few pounds there is always Weight Watchers. It’s not as bad as what old timers like to say it is. Heck, I still can’t eat all the points that I am given.(sometimes) And to me it beats all the fad diets out there. Doctor approved too.


  2. If by “fad diets” you mean the Grapefruit Diet, I totally agree. If you mean low-carb diets, though, I’ll try not to be offended. 😉