And I wasn’t the only slave to my nesting instinct. The people I know who used to sit in the bathroom with pornography, now they sit in the bathroom with their IKEA furniture catalogue.

β€”Chuck Palahniuk, Fight Club, Chapter 5

Is it so wrong to want nice things? Stylish things?

It’s tough to justify spending over $150 on what is basically a large bookshelf, though. It’s tough to move from the mismatched, second-hand furniture you acquired in your young adult years to actually paying for something stylish. And heaven forbid you don’t actually have a defined style yet.

When I was in high school, my dream decor was black and white. Now, it’s more black and earth tones. Dark woods, light tans, black and rust accents. Our current decor is definitely nothing like that. It’s more of post-collegiate, free-is-good mix-n-match. Someday, I’d like to work on establishing a real interior decorating style/sense. And actually spending the money to do it.

Today’s distraction at work was an all-day e-mail volley with Sheryl, in which we moved from talking fitness to talking about her new house to talking about home improvement and interior decorating in general. Much was said about the IKEA website and the store that is really quite close to where Sheryl will be living.

Now, I’d already looked at the website and found some picture frames I want to stock up on; unfortunately, they’re only available at the IKEA store, about an hour north of here β€” not online. There are also some large bookshelves which would serve as some keen DVD storage; however, since they’re not marketed as such, and don’t have a specific DVD capacity listed, Aaron isn’t entirely keen on them. I am, though. I’m willing to put out the money for them, and Aaron is willing to put his DVDs in them as long as he isn’t paying for them. And I’m OK with that.

The shelf I want is six feet on a side by 15″ deep, with square compartments. It costs $180, but I bet it’ll hold a shitload of DVDs and anime figurines and plants and other stylish accoutrements. I thought about buying it online, but then thought that maybe I should try something smaller and less expensive first, to see how the shipping and customer service goes.

So, I looked at a smaller shelf of the same design, about five feet tall by 2½ feet wide. I measured the spot in our living room I had in mind for it, and it would be an absolutely *perfect* fit. Well, except for having to drill an access hole for the electrical outlet in the right side of the shelf. I wouldn’t have a problem with that, though, even on an $80 shelf. Hell, we can keep the piece we drill out of it and patch it back in if we ever move the damn thing. It would so be worth it, because it’s so *us* (OK, maybe it’s so *me*) and it fits that spot so *perfectly*.

But I digress. I looked at this smaller shelf online, and saw that it’s also not available for online ordering. You have to go to the IKEA store to buy it. *sigh* So, I looked at the big shelf again, and decided to put it in my shopping cart and see how much shipping would be.

Are you ready?

Shipping literally costs as much as the shelf. Yep, $180 for the shelf and another $180 or so for shipping.

Not worth it.

I’ll have to wait until we can a.) go up to the IKEA store, and b.) convince someone with a truck to take us up there. I’ll want to buy both shelving units, plus my picture frames, plus whatever else I see that strikes my fancy.

Whenever this happens, it’s going to be a very dangerous trip. For one of my credit cards.

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  1. …aaron must hate me.

    every time we have a 40+ email volley, you end up spending tons of money πŸ˜›


    although in the scheme of things? IKEA is not really expensive.

    like this thomasville TV Stand vs this IKEA tv stand – a $900 difference? wtf! sure it’s made much better, but the ikea one still looks nice and holds enough for our TV.

    as for bookshelves, even target is overpriced for them. this is like half the size of the IKEA one and far more plain looking. and thomasville doesnt carry one under $550 πŸ˜›

    i dunno. i think IKEA is Moderately Fancy Stuff for Cheap Stuff prices. not second-hand cheap, for sure, but along the lines of New Stuff, i find it to be the best quality-price balance.

    unfortunately, i only like 1 of their bedroom sets and it only comes in Queen πŸ™ imma put it in my guest room, methinks.