Facebook Is Evil.

Over Easter, I got talking about social networking sites with Aaron’s cousins. The consensus was that Facebook was better than MySpace. OK, I thought, but no one I know is on Facebook.

How could I have been so wrong?

After having Facebook scour my Gmail contacts for Facebook friends, then me perusing *their* friends for mutual friends, plus searching for random friends of my own, I’m discovering that I probably know just as many people on Facebook as on MySpace. Which still isn’t many in the grand scheme of things, but still. I’ve spent way, WAY too much time exploring Facebook in the past couple of days, instead of doing something more productive. Like finishing my freelance project.

Current count:
– Livejournal, 8 actual people-I-know friends.
– MySpace, 25 actual people-I-know friends.
– Facebook, 7 10 12 actual people-I-know friends (so far… some are pending)

Like I tell everyone who dogs on MySpace: I like to keep in touch with people. If everyone wrote their own blogs on blogspot or LJ or whatever, I’d go read them. Since so many people are all in one place, though, it’s easier to join up there and catch up with them all at once. Hooray to Facebook for letting me import my blog’s RSS feed, too. Makes my job easier. Don’t need the usual “I don’t post here b/c I have a blog” post.

And, with that, I’m done for the night. Nothing useful accomplished, except an attempt to book a ryokan room. And finding a few more long-lost friends.

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  1. MySpace is okay, it’s not the pariah that some people make it out to be. It only sucks when people mail bomb you with friend requests–for guys it’s scantily clad “women”. I use MySpace just to keep in touch with a few people who I have no other way to. I heard about Facebook a while back but dismissed it as another clone.

  2. see, i specifically stay *off* myspace because while i like to keep in touch with people too, there are some people in this world i dont want to keep in touch with *me* 😛 maybe that’s mean. but i’m googleable enough. i dont want to make it any easier.

  3. *googles Sheryl*

    Hmm. There’s sheryls.net, Fruvous postings, Whitmer HS stuff, and my blog. Yep, if anyone wanted to get hold of you, Google would definitely work. 🙂

    I’ve found people on MySpace and Facebook that I’d completely forgotten about, though, which is fun. And I really am not hiding from too many people. Well, except maybe the first guy I french-kissed, and I don’t think he’s looking for me these days.

  4. I had a facebook account YEARS before I got a myspace account. I only started myspacing after I ran into old friend I hadn’t talked to in years at a big music conference. They told me all the cool kids were doing it.

    Incidentally, I hadn’t talked to those friends in forever, and as soon as we were friended on myspace, we continued the tradition of not talking… But I did run into other people I hadn’t seen it years, and it’s all good.