Booze As Part Of A Balanced Diet

A couple weeks ago, I discovered this great site that has nutritional information for all kinds of alcoholic (and nonalcoholic) beverages. The website is, and it’s not just a good “nutritional” resource, but it also has the ever-helpful Cabinet feature. Tell it what you’ve got, both booze and “normal” beverages, and it tells you what you can make, either with only what you have or with one or two more ingredients.

I have come to an unfortunate conclusion, though. I dislike Applejack. It wasn’t very expensive, but I do wish I’d managed to sample it somewhere before procuring an entire bottle. After this, I’m not sure I’d be a fan of any kind of brandy, if apple brandy isn’t floating my boat. It’s just too damn strong; the first sip always takes my breath away. Yeah, maybe I’m a lightweight. I’m OK with that.

On the same night I bought my bottle of Applejack, though, I tried the Classic Irish Whiskey Flight at Claddagh Irish Pub. My original plan had been to sample some scotch, but the Irish whiskeys had more detailed descriptions in the drink menu, being that Claddagh is an Irish-style pub and all. So, I got three small shots of Irish whiskey, and I must say that the Jameson was my favorite of the three. The waiter made comment that a woman who likes Irish whiskey is a good catch, which amused both Aaron and myself.

I’m really not much of a drinker, and whenever I get to thinking about alcohol too much, it makes me feel like I’m some kind of lush. Which I know I’m not. Still, it’s weird to be thinking about what kind of alcohol I’d like to try, in the same way I’d think about different ethnic foods I’d like to try; especially knowing that I only really drink once every six months or so, and very rarely with the goal of “getting drunk.”

Yes, I have half a shot of the Applejack sitting here on my desk. And, yes, I’m going to finish it. Will I have anything else tonight? Probably not.

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  1. I have never heard of that stuff before, Applejack. Some guy at work makes something called “Apple Pie” which is akin to Everclear. I still prefer just Amaretto. I think my vodka days are “Absolut”ely over. Did you try any of the Johnny Walkers?