Part of the Elite Few

I guess I never realized that I’m one of only 5% of dieters who have kept off the weight long-term. (Does three to four years count as long-term?) Sure, I gained back 10 of my 50; but I lost it again, plus more.

Check out the article 5 Secrets of the 5% at SparkPeople to find out how I did it. Apparently.

Actually, they’re not far off the mark. I just hadn’t thought about it.

P.S. – If anyone’s interested, I’m down to 197 lbs.

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  1. \o/ 197 is *awesome*. but i gotta tell you – dont be concerned when you come back from Japan at like. 203 😀 the change in diet (esp starches) might shock your body and spike your weight. you might have an advantage over me, since i went to a very salty + carby place, and there isnt really a ton of salt in japanese cooking – at least, not like british. so right now i’m retaining something like 5 pounds of water o.O

    at any rate, as soon as you’re done eating all the pocky and buckets of sukiyaki? you’ll get back to your normal groove and it’ll drop off again.

    i was low-carbing before i went to japan and i definately gained weight while i was there 😀 but it did come off again.

  2. oops – i forgot to post my point. my point is? eat what you want in japan, and eat your souvenier snacks until you’re *done*. because it’s not like you get to do this every week 🙂 enjoy yourself and dont worry about the fat/calories/carbs, worry about that later when you’re NOT on a vacation of a lifetime 😀