Live from the Apple Store, Ginza

So, here we are, using the free internet access on the fourth floor of the Apple Store in Ginza. I already checked my e-mail, and ended up deleting all but three messages, and marking one as spam. I don’t appear to be missing much in the way of internet communication, so that’s cool.

As a side note, the apostrophe on Japanese keyboards is Shift-7. The colon is where the apostrophe should be. How disconcerting.

Quick rundown so far:
Tuesday/Wednesday: Long-ass plane ride. That sucked balls. We were personally met at the airport by a super-polite and super-helpful travel rep. A nice bellhop at the hotel single-handedly moved all of our luggage into our room. Holy crap!
Thursday: Dynamic Tokyo tour. Best tour evar. Got to see gardens and a tea ceremony (got great photos of that), and impressed the server at the barbecue restaurant by asking, “Kore wa nan desu ka?” when I didn’t know what the Japanese sweet potato was. Also got complimented on my chopstick skillz by the same server. Spent a little while in Akihabara afterward, and figured out meal ticket usage at a ramen restaurant. Freaked out the server there by asking, “Kore wa eigo de nanto iimasu ka?” when I didn’t know what the ginger was.
Friday: Parasitological museum. Swear to God. Again, I’ve got pictures. Some of them might not go on flickr because, well… you’ll see. Found a great toy / anime store and got an Anpanman plushie for me and a gift for a little someone back home. Ate a great melon glacé bread thingy from a street vendor. Shopped at Nakano Broadway and got some gifts and other cuteness. Got tired early, though. We plan to go back later in our trip.
Today: We’re heading up to Asakusa later to check into our ryokan before hitting the Sanja Matsuri and shopping the Nakamise Dori, but wanted to hit the Apple Store on the way (mainly for the free internet). And here we are. We’re currently finding where the conveyor belt sushi place is.

OK. I need to go get back to my super-cool vacation. Catch ya later.

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