Body For Life, Week #2

This evening, I did something I should have done two weeks ago: a full-body measurement. Mainly for my own record-keeping purposes, here are the results:

Weight: 198.5 lbs
Neck: 14″
Bust (around the fullest part): 43″ or 44″
Chest (below the boobs, not the armpits): 37″ or 38″
(I measured twice, and I came up with different measurements for my bust and chest.)
Upper Waist (the narrowest part): 37″
Lower Waist (where my pants live): 42″
Hips: 48″
Upper Arm: 13″
Lower Arm: 10.5″
Thigh: 25″
Calf: 15.75″

(Just look at those measurements. Hi, I’m the spokesmodel for the Pear Shape. *sigh* BTW, for anyone who doesn’t know me personally, I’m 5’10” tall, so at least I’ve got that on my side.)

For those who might be keeping score, my last official set of full-body measurements was posted in May 2006, almost exactly 13 months ago. Overall, I’ve lost thirteen pounds in thirteen months, plus about an inch off all major measurements. Man, it feels like my hip measurement should have changed more than it did, because I have quite a bit of loose skin around my belly button. Weird.

I’ve been freeforming the diet just a little, not planning everything every day, mainly due to me being a dork and spending too long at the computer at night. I mean to give myself time to write out the next day’s meals and exercise, plus pack my lunch and snacks, but it doesn’t always happen. I haven’t been too evil, though; the worst thing I could accuse myself of is not eating enough protein. My “default diet” seems to be fruit and Ostrims, if I don’t have time to make something proper for lunch.

Cardio is and always has been my downfall. Even back when I was in my best shape ever, I absolutely hated running. I’ve always preferred resistance training to aerobics. Maybe that explains some things. Anyway, I’ve been enjoying the weight training part of the program, and neglecting the cardio. I just can’t make myself go run around the block or drive to the park, and the trampoline is so God-awful boring sometimes. I know. I need to get over it.

This past weekend, while we were visiting the bookstore at the mall (where I bought both Men’s Health and Women’s Health magazines), we swung past the Dick’s Sporting Goods that’s next door. I bought not only the equipment I’d said I needed before — namely, two more 10# plates, new dumbbell bars, and a heavy resistance band — but I also got myself a 75cm stability ball. That thing rules in so many ways. Between that and my new bands (complete with door anchor!), I can do almost all of the exercises I’d poo-poohed before as being impossible without gym equipment. Cable pulls, back extensions, leg presses… yeah. I’m good to go.

I’m not overly upset about the scale only moving one pound since last week’s weigh-in. I *feel* firmer. My stomach feels more solid (to me, anyway). My legs definitely feel more solid. It won’t be long before something kicks in (probably my cardio workouts) and the fat starts to melt off and leave behind the muscle I’m building.

It’s still early in the game, but I feel positive about things. Not just weight loss, but Things In General.

Yeah… it’s all good.