Aikido: Quick Follow-Up

My shoulder and hip soreness passed quickly. The muscular soreness manifested itself later, and with a vengeance. My quads are still stiff and painful, and my glutes and hamstrings are noticeably sore.

If I still feel like this tomorrow, I’m not going to Aikido class. Instead, I’ll hold off until Wednesday’s one-hour session. Aaron pointed out earlier today that, if I don’t go, I’m losing money. Considering that I paid the normal amount for two months, plus got my dogi and free enrollment in any workshops during the two-month period, I’m figuring that I’m still getting a deal, even if I don’t go at least twice a week.

I have trouble sticking with physical things that require a learning curve, it seems. I don’t like to look like a big dork, and I don’t like to be ignorant, even though I know that this is how everyone starts — even Sensei probably felt at one point like I do now.

I’m going to continue to attend at least one class a week (preferably two) until next month’s Basics Seminar. If I don’t feel like I’m “in the groove” by then… well, that’s quite a ways off yet. We’ll see.