Still Rings True

Recently, I found myself reflecting on some advice given me by my high school choir director upon my graduation. There was one particular passage that resonated in my memory, but I’ll quote the whole note here:

May 1994

Well, Lady,

We’ve arrived at the end of our 4 year association. Only regret I personally have, is not having met you a few years earlier! Did you know back then, that music was your calling?

I’ve watched you grow and develop your musical skills methodically and academically. The only area you struggle with, can only happen when you decide to let go of thinking and simply; Be; Do; Feel.

My wish for you includes success in a difficult field and personal growth with the new exposures you will now experience. Don’t cut yourself off due to insecurities. Take the chance ( – it will hurt some but it isn’t endless).

Most Sincerely,
Tamara Beall

Who would have known that, thirteen years later, I would still have trouble with that.

Let go of thinking and simply be. Do. Feel.

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  1. You have been a “thinker” for as long as I can remember. Ok maybe not the first year, but after that…….lol. You have come a long way though, and you CAN “be, do, feel” AND think.