I got to thinking today that I have a lot of stuff going on right now. I mean, I always have a lot of stuff going on, but I have important stuff going on. Like needing to find a job within a couple of months. And I kind of feel… rudderless. Which is ridiculous, I know, since my needs are pretty clear-cut. The thing is, though, that I haven’t set myself any definite goals.

So, here they are:

#1 – Secure a new job. Due date: September 21st.
#2 – Maintain weight. Due date: ongoing (or until I start a renewed weight loss plan).
#3 – Improve housekeeping. Due date: ongoing.

And, of course, each medium-term goal needs some short-term goals to keep it afloat:

  1. Submit one new job application/resume or complete one follow-up per day.
  2. Spend at least 30 minutes per day working on my portfolio site until it is complete.
  3. Attend at least one aikido class per week (not including special weekend seminars).
  4. Continue to walk at least 45 minutes per day.
  5. Tackle one small household chore per day.
  6. Make sure that all dishes are washed and the sink is empty before bed each night.

There are, of course, other tasks I could set myself, but I thought that these would be a good start. As I didn’t come up with my detailed list until just now, I’m going to wait until tomorrow to hold myself accountable for all of them. I’m intending to go to aikido on Wednesday (the short class), so that’s one down. I cleaned the garbage out of the yard today, so that’s my daily household chore. I haven’t gone to bed yet, so I can still wash dishes before I do so. And, of course, I took my daily lunchtime walk (that’s not much of a stretch, since it’s such a habit now).

(As a side note, it appears that the Toledo Blade no longer posts their normal classified want-ads online, but instead has a partnership with Monster.com. This is unfortunate, as I have no intention of buying that scab paper on Sundays. This curtails my job hunting considerably, but I will overcome.)

Hopefully, with some more focused goals in mind, I can start feeling like I’m actually making some progress toward something. Right now, I’m feeling like I’m just phoning it in, and Life is just kind of sailing on without me. I wouldn’t feel ready to jump on an unexpected opportunity if it presented itself right now, and that’s a sign that I need to step it up.

Shake it off… Too bad you get these great ideas when you’re just about to fall asleep at your desk, and can’t actually act on them. Meh.

Tomorrow! New day, fresh start, blah blah. *hype*