I Did It All For The Nookie

My husband is on vacation for the next two weeks. We should be having snoo-snoo EVERY NIGHT, given that we usually see one another for a grand total of 15 minutes on the weekdays, and this Evening Togetherness thing is quite a treat.

Instead? Yesterday I made myself too much dinner, and ended up too full to… well, you know. This evening, I’ve been totally exhausted, on top of having the most fascinatingly uncomfortable gas cramps. (TMI? Yeah, I know.)

So, yeah. I feel like a doofus. Tomorrow is aikido and zen meditation, both of which I should really attend, since I didn’t go at all last week. But that means I won’t get home until 9pm. Assuming I don’t feel like this tomorrow evening, that is; if I do, there’s no way in hell I’m going to aikido.

Dammit. I go off The Pill to get my libido back and stop being so goddamn cranky, and now we can’t even manage to have Happy Time at all.


I have another week and a half to get my mojo going. Plus a camping trip on Sunday. If that doesn’t at least engender some grab-ass… I dunno.

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  1. Heh… very funny. 🙂 Actually, I’ve been working on my portfolio and job-hunting. Although that doesn’t mean there wasn’t some nookie time squeezed in there.