Home On The Range

We go camping at Harrison Lake tomorrow afternoon. Neither myself nor Aaron have been really camping since Scouts back in elementary school 1, so this should be fun.

We’ve got our s’mores action going on, our new king-size air mattress to go in our never-used dome tent we got as a wedding present back in 2003, our lawn chairs and bug spray and swimsuits and sunscreen and everything (hopefully) to help us get our camping fun on.

I hope this doesn’t suck. This is more of a trial run, hence why we’re only camping for one night. If we enjoy camping, maybe we’ll do it more often. Until we’re sure, though, 3pm Sunday through noonish Monday should be a sufficient getaway.

Update, Sunday @ noon: It’s been raining since 8am. Chance of scattered thunderstorms all afternoon, all evening, and all night. Prospects aren’t looking good… but maybe we’ll pack up the car and head out, anyway, to see what Harrison Lake is like. We’ll see how things pan out….

1 This, of course, is not including the ill-fated October camping trip of the girls of 2nd floor Kohl Hall back in 1999. Amy and I were the only people with competent fire-building skills, and our RA had to purchase firewood from a neighboring RV camper. An unseasonably warm October turned coats that night, and none of us got any sleep that chilly autumn night. What had started as an “I don’t want to *know* if you have alcohol in your tent, *wink-wink*” party night ended as a 5am “Let’s get back to the dorm and get some sleep” morning.

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  1. I was thinking of you guys this morning when I woke up to rain showers. Then tonight while watching the weather, hoping that all the severe weather missed you. I’m really hoping you and Aaron decided to try another weekend instead.