Aaron went back to work today, after two weeks of vacation. Two weeks of coming home to my honey at 5:15pm and not having him leave for work fifteen minutes later. Two weeks, granted, of being less productive than I should have in the evenings, thanks to spending quality time with my honey.

I should be happy tonight, though. I have a job lead that is (bad news) a good 40-minute commute away, but (good news) would pay literally double my current salary. I should be so effing stoked right now.

Instead? I’m in a weird, lonely, unmotivated mood. I’ll probably curl up in front of the Food Network shortly, and call my evening a wash.

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  1. i know how that first night alone again goes :/ for me it’s always a wash, even if i have 100 things to do. and it’s *HARD* for me to do nothing when i have 100 things to do.

    *hug* we’ll have an IKEA night sometime, dear 🙂