A Quickie

I pulled my groin in aikido on Saturday, while trying to roll. I’m getting annoyed with myself for not “getting” it yet. At least my leg seems to be on the fast track, and feels like it should be healed by Wednesday’s class. It really put a damper on the weekend’s other extra-curriculars, though.

This week, Monday through Thursday afternoons, I’m attending an outplacement workshop paid for by Sky/Huntington. I was dubious about its actual value, but it actually seems like it’s going to be helpful. Among some of the highlights will be resume-crafting, networking and job-searching, and negotiating a job offer. I’m actually looking forward to some of this… plus, it gets me out of the office for half a day.

Rob has requested another manly candle, to be picked up this week. In looking at my records, I realize I haven’t made any candles since February (which was the last time Rob requested a manly candle). Candle-making is definitely a seasonal thing for me, being that I don’t like to have the oven on in the summer, and my timing mojo gets thrown off if I melt candle wax in the microwave instead. Maybe I’ll have to ramp up the seasonal candle-making a little earlier this year, and be sure to give everyone at work a going-away candle with my name and URL on it. 🙂

Update, 11:45pm: Rob’s candle came out well. I used a blow dryer to even out the surface — I should have tried that long ago.

In other news, bumping up the difficulty in Civilization IV really makes a difference: from me beating all the computer players in Chieftain mode to me getting my ass kicked and barely making it to the end of the game with one city intact in Warlord mode. If it weren’t almost midnight (and if I weren’t gainfully employed and due at work at 8am), I’d start another game.

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  1. everytime i’m at the thrift store, or anywhere looking for trinkets, i always think of like a million containers for your candles 😀 unfortunately i can’t just sit here and collect boxes of interesting trinkets that you may or may not use for candles, just to give it back to said thrift store should you not 😀

    but your candle-making affects my shopping year-round.

  2. actually, i’m the same way. including the restraint from buying said containers. i already have a cupboard full of kitschy containers, mainly holiday-themed, and i need to actually make candles out of those…

    someday, i really need to finish automating my candle site and put in all my inventory.

  3. the salvation army by my house (the nearest goodwill is in lansing 🙁 ) seems to have a serious collection of japanese-and-or-chinese looking cups and vases for the bargain price of about $1.99 apiece. the desire to buy ALL OF THEM OMG is strong. but yea, i must resisteth.