Damn It.

Two weeks ago, I pulled my groin at aikido by doing a poorly-executed roll. It was finally feeling better, though, so I decided to do a little ukemi practice in my basement tonight before going back to aikido tomorrow morning. Even set up the point-and-shoot to take some video of myself rolling, to help pinpoint what I’m doing wrong, or where I can improve. Ended up doing upwards of ten to a dozen rolls total. That’s a lot for me at this point.

Guess what I did.

My groin doesn’t hurt nearly as bad as it did when I first injured it — I probably just aggravated the injury. But now I have a conflict: do I go to aikido anyway, and risk exacerbating my leg further, or do I sleep in and skip aikido again and basically wipe my ass with over fifty bucks total for these two wasted weeks?

If I do decide to rest my leg instead of going to class, is my injury just a mental crutch, an excuse not to stretch my comfort zone anymore? I don’t think so, since I had been looking forward to getting back to class. Still… maybe. I don’t know. It’s a tough call, because I *am* paying for this, even if I’m not attending.

*checks credit card statement*

Apparently, I pay for this in arrears; I just got charged for my two-month initial lump sum. Still, though, I’m paying for this. A goodly amount, though not an unreasonable amount. It’s unreasonable for me not to go and get my money’s worth. But it’s also unreasonable to go do the most intense physical activity I’ve ever done in my life on an injured leg.

Can you tell I’m of two minds with this?

This is ridiculous. If I wait until tomorrow morning to decide whether to go, I’ll end up staying in bed. I know me. I know how my half-asleep mind works. I’d really hate to make things worse, though…

We’ll see.

(I can’t believe I’m actually posting this asinine stream-of-consciousness argument with myself. I sound ridiculous. However, I will go through with the post to amuse and entertain you, my readers. All fifteen of you.)

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  1. maybe you could go and watch and learn? tell your sensei you pulled your groin and ask him how you did it and what you’re doing wrong. maybe he knows some good stretches. then you can still learn by observing, and there might be some other things you can do.

    then you wont have wasted the moneh 🙂

    of course this comment might be too late…

  2. Yeah, by the time I read that excellent idea, I’d already slept through class. 😉

    I’m going to go on Wednesday, though, pain or shine.

    (That sounded funnier in my head.)