Come On, Baby, Finish What You Started

I’ve been droning on about aikido a little too much lately, so I suppose I should write about something else already. I’m sitting here at work, with a painfully light workload, so this seems as good a time as any to write a blog entry (via e-mail to myself, of course).

Not that I have anything particularly pressing to blog about, mind you. Most of my “free” time lately has been spent job-hunting, nursing my pulled muscle, or escaping into Civilization IV.

Speaking of the job hunt: I’ve gone through my list, submitted my resume for those jobs I hadn’t yet, followed up on past inquiries, and have started putting the finishing touches on my portfolio. I think I’ve got the portfolio working in all modern browsers, including Firefox 2, Opera 9, Safari for Windows, IE6 and IE7. Granted, there are a few minor display discrepancies: IE6 has an unfortunate space at the bottom of the page which activates the scroll bar, and Opera (or is it Safari?) doesn’t highlight the items in my submenus. Those are minor details, though, and I can deal with the differences for now. Now, I’m going through all my featured projects and including examples and samples and links for each. I plan to have my portfolio complete by the end of next weekend.

In other news of the me, I ordered my very first Little Black Dress™ and a couple pairs of work-friendly Skechers online. I need to get myself down to Lane Bryant and spend a decent amount of money updating my wardrobe, although I feel funny either a.) shopping alone or b.) shopping with Aaron, and I don’t really have any local girlfriends to shop with. What I’d really like to buy is a brown tailored pantsuit to go with my new shoes. (Wow… matching an outfit to a pair of shoes? That sounds unusually girly of me.)

Last time I really went ballistic on clothes shopping, I sorely needed a wardrobe update due to having lost, oh, fifty pounds? Now, though, I’m just tired of wearing the same crap to work all the time. Of course, I should probably hold off on buying work clothes until I get a new job and find out what the dress code is there. I’d hate to update my business casual wardrobe, just to find that I can wear Threadless shirts and jeans to work — or, worse, that I have to go out and purchase an actual professional wardrobe, with multiple suits and accessories.

Also: Aaron and I had an in-depth conversation this weekend about my ability to finish what I start. I am absolutely notorious for starting a project, either coming to a hard part or just getting bored with it, and dropping it for the next Flavor of the Month. Websites, fiction, genealogy research, major cleaning, all have fallen prey to this habit of mine. He was particularly concerned with me finishing my portfolio website before I get involved in something else — namely, instructing marching band for the first time. He reminded me that I don’t do anything by halves — quite like him, now that I think about it. I immerse myself in whatever new project I undertake: genealogy, candle-making, learning SQL, weight-loss, drum corps, aikido, whatever. I don’t just try something or dabble in something. For this reason, I’ve specifically avoided starting any new projects, even though I’ve wanted to work on my fiction and genealogy research in the past months.

I might have to gracefully and humbly bow out of the marching band gig, even though I don’t want to. I can see things that need fixing in the band, things that I might be able to help with, but I don’t know if I should really be dedicating literally an entire evening a week to band, plus a good part of another evening a week to aikido.

I have some time to think it over, though, and to finish my portfolio before the next rehearsal I’m slated to attend. We’ll see how things pan out.

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  1. re: shopping, if you rilly wanna lemme know, i’m still up for a girl’s night at ikea, and there is a mall near ikea too that surely has an LB 🙂

  2. you know what? once i get my portfolio site done, i may will take you up on that. maybe a friday night, so i don’t have to worry about being too late coming home? say… not this coming friday, but next friday? wanna pencil that in?

  3. next friday i think i dont have anything going on? but Saturday the 22nd john is going to a bachelor party so if you could spare the saturday, i’ll be awfully bored 😀 but if that’s not possible, next friday is free 🙂

  4. that sounds smashing! i don’t think we have anything planned for that saturday, so let’s go ahead and pencil *that* in, instead.

    yaye girlietime!