The Universe is Conspiring in my Favor

…At least as far as aikido is concerned.

I know you’re all probably tired of hearing me go on about my chosen martial art, so I’ll just mention a couple things:

  1. Sensei chose to teach a class entirely on ukemi today.
  2. Sensei never read my e-mail, because it got lumped in with the spam.

This means that a.) Sensei doesn’t know how much of a goober I sounded, and b.) his somewhat random choice of topic was entirely fortuitous and had nothing to do with me. It may, however, have had a little to do with the two mighty new mukyu in attendance.

I feel much somewhat more confident about my ability to fall and not hurt myself now. I at least recognize what elements I may be missing. Now I have some more simple ukemi exercises I can do at home, too.

The leg is feeling a little weak after class, but not painful. I’m feeling pretty fine overall. Being all nervous about going back to class after two weeks was a little silly in retrospect.

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  1. I love Aikido! I started up at my college last semester, and fell inlove. It is such a wonderful martial art!

    In fact my classes just started up again, and i am looking forward to class on sunday! woohoo! Have you started any weapons works? thats wonderful too!

    -jamie’s andrew!

  2. I got to do some bokken work the day I pulled my groin, actually. I forget which technique we were learning — the fifth something or other — but it was a lot of fun, without kicking my ass. More mental.

    Jamie had mentioned that you’d done some aikido and liked it. Do you get to test for rank at all, then?

    Have fun in class!