Things are definitely moving. Things are happening. What will come of it all, I’m still not sure.

Amy-sempai had mentioned a few weeks ago that her company was accepting resumes, but I kept missing her at the dojo to give her mine to pass along. I also never asked her the name of her company. Meanwhile, I found a listing on Craigslist and applied, only to find that it was for the company where Amy-sempai works. Wish me luck on my second interview of the job hunt…

There was also a company I’d spied a while ago, but who required samples of applicants’ work. As my portfolio still isn’t quite up to snuff yet, I hadn’t applied. I’d checked their website, but couldn’t find any employment info anymore, so I assumed they’d found who they needed. Recently, a recruiter contacted me about a Web Designer position. Turns out he’s looking for a candidate for this particular company.

Guess what I’m finishing up tonight. Let’s hear it for external motivation, eh?

I feel like I’m at a very tricky time. Any tiny shift of direction one way or another could make a giant impact on the next five or ten (or more) years of my life. When I think of all the seemingly insignificant things that combined to get me where I am today, I find myself wondering what I’ll be wondering later on.

If Sky hadn’t been bought out by Huntington… If I hadn’t signed up for that aikido class… If James and I hadn’t gotten to create that database… If I’d never marched senior corps… If I’d taken X job instead of waiting for Y job…

I just need to do what I can, and go with the flow. Things will fall into place if I let them.