The Flaming Lips in Concert

[Posted on Flickr by dianaschnuth].

This was quite possibly the most fun I’ve ever had at a concert.

Not only are the Lips an incredible band from a musical and lyrical standpoint, but they put on a great show. The audience participation bits actually don’t seem cheesy or silly. —Well, I guess they do seem a little silly, but no one really seems to mind. Who cares, when you’re beaming a laser pointer (provided by the Lips) off of a giant mirror, or participating in a “scream-along,” or bouncing a giant balloon through the crowd up to the very top of the upper balcony?

You MUST check out the rest of my Flaming Lips photos. They tell some of the story. As for the rest of the story… you really just had to be there.

Best concert EVAR.

ETA: Here’s the first couple minutes of the show, recorded by Yours Truly:

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  1. omgawd! thank you so much for posting the vid. that’s us in a blur down in front of the left speaks. What a dream I was dreaming. Nice work!!!!!!!!!!!

    And despite my cynicism about the adverts, I do think it was a positive and beautiful experience. Thanks for reminding. j

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