When It Comes Down To It

Since I can’t seem to get motivated about my job search today, I decided to finally unpack the box of files and other goodies from my desk at work. Yes, it’s been sitting by the kitchen table for two weeks now, and I’m just now unpacking it.

What’s a little depressing is that everything regarding my employment over the last five years is now contained in three hanging folders: one labeled “Huntington Info,” one labeled “Loan Corrections DB,” and one labeled “Sky Bank Misc.”

This could actually be more than a little depressing, if I let it. Instead, I will share this little tidbit I saved for posterity (identifying information has been masked to protect… well, to protect *me*):

[letter from angry client]

Please don’t misunderstand me: we did understand and appreciate the client’s needs, and addressed the client’s concern by setting him up to receive a monthly billing statement. We were all just amused by the communication itself.

Know that this letter sits in the folder labeled “Sky Bank Misc,” and will amuse me from time to time as necessary.