Calm, Cool and Collected

Attended Eric’s wedding reception in Columbus (photos to come) on Saturday. 2+ hour drive each way, but worth it for the multiple-course meal at Brio. Not to mention the adult contemporary pre-dinner musician. Hearing live covers of massive amounts of Jim Croce, Barry Manilow, Elton John and others was totally classic. Tells you how much of a goober I am that I could name title and artist for most of his repertoire, though.

Seriously, though, the food was the highlight of the evening. That, plus seeing Eric (whom I hadn’t seen since we moved into our house in spring 2004) and meeting his wife (whom I’d only ever talked to via blog comments). Even though we were the only people representing BG, and we didn’t know anyone there except Eric, we still enjoyed ourselves. And we enjoyed the yummy spice cake. Major kudos for having a cake that was neither white nor chocolate.

Sunday afternoon was a seminar on the basics of Zen meditation. We discussed our respective reasons for attending the seminar, learned about proper posture and options for sitting positions, and did a few brief sessions of zazen (seated meditation) and kinhin (walking meditation).

After both of these weekend events, I’m feeling refreshed and revived. Calm and alert. I think that, if I can maintain a daily zazen practice (and remember that I really do have friends, and keep in touch with them in a meaningful way), I’ll be able to keep this stillness in reserve for when I need it.

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  1. Thank you very much for your kind comments. I am so glad you two enjoyed yourselves! We put so much time and effort into the planning and hoped we had put together a great night. But, no matter how you think an event went, you always wonder whether people really had a good time.

    And wasn’t that cake good??? We have a freezer full of leftovers if you’re in the area any time soon!