My Day So Far

8:51am – Alarm goes off, reminding me that I want to go to aikido at 10am. I roll over and go back to sleep.

10:45am – I realize that I need to leave soon to take Sensei’s digital recorder back to the dojo while someone is still there and the door is unlocked. Get up, get dressed, pull hair back, and drive to dojo.

11:00am – Sensei isn’t at the dojo, and a senior student is teaching the class that is just concluding. I put the recorder on Sensei’s desk and beat a hasty retreat.

11:10am – Arrive home. Eat breakfast of Chocolatey Special K. Read e-mails and blog entries.

12:00pm – Attempt to wake the husband. Am shot down in favor of continued sleep. Come back downstairs and begin trying to fix my iTunes library (another story entirely).

12:30pm – The husband awakes and showers. Begin working on Zen podcast.

1:15pm – Lunch: one breaded, stuffed cordon bleu chicken breast, cooked by Aaron.

1:30pm – Resume editing podcast.

2:00pm – Upload podcast. Send e-mail to Sensei with a link and some potential show notes. Begin backing up CDs with drum corps photos and other materials onto my computer in preparation for sending them to the new Executive Director. Alternate computer availability between WinRAR and iTunes.

3:00pm – Backups complete. Take break to watch Aaron play Bioshock. Eat banana.

3:30pm – Receive e-mail that reminds me to check the drum corps forums’ permissions. Realize, after some research, that there is no foul play and that I have b0rked the permissions myself. Rig a temporary fix so that members can actually see all the forums.

4:00pm – Forums unb0rked. Begin packing up CDs in a makeshift cardboard sleeve to be mailed to the Executive Director.

4:15pm – CDs packed. Do some more work on iTunes library. Talk with Aaron. Look over my to-do list. Cringe.

5:00pm – Talk with Aaron while he gets ready for work.

5:30pm – Say goodbye to Aaron. Feed the cat. Make dinner. Blog while eating at the computer.

It sure seems like I’ve been doing a lot of stuff today. So why do I feel like I’m treading water? Aaron says that maybe it’s because everything I’ve done today (just about) has been for someone else, either the corps or the sangha.

Next on the agenda: Go for a walk and listen to the hour-long podcast I just put together (since I missed the actual talk, being out of town). Review some SQL for tomorrow’s second interview downtown. Do some more cleaning and organizing, maybe.

Coming up on one month of joblessness. Hmm.

ETA: This article saved my ass the next day. Everything is magically fine again, without having to right-click on every damned file and browse to find its new location. Fantastic!

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