Since I fussed with my iTunes library earlier this week, I’ve been rediscovering some of the music I’ve downloaded and ripped over the years. Until Aaron got me my 30GB iPod, I didn’t have enough room on my 8GB iPod mini to just add my entire mp3s folder. After he got me the new iPod, I didn’t really think about it. Actually, I didn’t think about it until I started running out of room on my C: drive, and needed to finally move all my music to my external USB drive.

The result is that I’ve been listening to songs I haven’t touched in years. Remember the days of Scour, around the year 2000 or so? When you could think, “I’d really like to hear this song I haven’t heard in years,” then you could go online and download the mp3 from Scour, over the web, with no fuss? I still have so many songs from those days.

The RIAA’s gonna come and get me. Probably shouldn’t blog about how many mp3s I have on my computer, eh?

Anyway, I have my iPod/iTunes set up with Smart Playlists, so I can listen to either my favorite songs or songs that I’ve just put in my library and have only listened to once or twice. My “New / Unloved” playlist has suddenly ballooned from about 600 songs to over 1400. Hell, my old mini could only hold 600 songs total! Damn. But I’ve been listening to that playlist for the last couple of days, and have been rediscovering songs I hadn’t realized I’d missed. Lots of Folk Implosion, some Catherine Wheel B-sides, pretty much my entire collection of awesome ’60s and ’70s songs (Strawberry Alarm Clock, Chicago, The Association, et al.), plus a bunch of albums I’d forgotten about, like Dashboard Confessional and Chris Botti and Dream Theater.

This is fantastic. Great background music for writing.

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  1. Maybe someday I’ll get my mp3’s organized.
    I have quite a few I’ve “borrowed” and quite a few of just rips from my collection of cd’s. And we won’t even begin to talk about the DVD back-ups I have of all the concerts I’ve DL’ed from DIME.

  2. As of Sunday, with not everything in, I have 6421 songs. That’s 19.3 days and 46.33 GB! I’ll admit that there is plenty of editing to be done. Part of it are large compilations of mp3’s–80’s, 90’s, 60’s, ect that I haven’t gone through to deposit the crap. But I did find Ned’s Atomic Dustbin “Gray Cell Green” which was always a favorite.

  3. I always hated Ned’s Atomic Dustbin. Well at least I did in high school, but I betcha I still do! 🙂 Which is weird since I love most early 90s UK alternative bands. Go figure.

    Anyway, in my iTunes/iPod at the moment I have 7,042 songs for 22.9 days of listening pleasure. This of course doesn’t include the other 30GB of MP3s I have that aren’t on my iPod or in iTunes. I think I’ll eventually need to buy a separate HD for MP3s since they are currently battling it out with anime for space on my drive.

  4. I have way to much shit that I will never get to. This guy at work has hundreds of bootlegs that he knows he’s never gonna get to. As for my mp3 collection, I think a new high quality 300+Gig hard drive in my future. Not to be used for anything but storing–No BitTornado! I would like to convert my entire cd collection over…
    just so it’s at my fingertips.