On The New Job

I’ll bet you’re all wondering how my first two days at the new job went. Well, wonder no more!

Yesterday was mainly Orientation: all about benefits and office tours and videos and fingerprints and forms and more videos and — OMG, I saw “W” from Good Eats (aka Vickie Eng) in one of my orientation videos! Squee!

Ahem. Anyway, yeah, orientation took up the vast majority of my Monday. I did spend about the last hour of my day actually in my department, being introduced to everyone, then reading some online training materials about the application I’ll be using.

Some other randomness about my first day:

  • I was so proud to have secured myself a parking spot in the really close parking garage. The attendant (an attendant in a parking garage?) directed me to park in a corner, by a wall, under a bulkhead. He had to direct me to help me get into the space, and I had to duck to get in and out of the car. And I had to have exact change for the SEVEN DOLLARS it cost to park there for the day. Lesson learned; the garage next door is only $3.
  • The restaurant downstairs brings up sandwiches and salads to sell on the sixth floor eating area. I hadn’t brought any lunch with me, since I didn’t know if I’d have access to a refrigerator, so I bought a $3 tuna salad sandwich for lunch. It was quite good.
  • My company pays for half of our parking costs, once our benefits officially kick in. So, after January 1, I’ll only have to pay thirty-some dollars a month for parking, instead of $3 a day (roughly $70 a month).
  • There’s a fitness center on the first floor. It costs about $25 per month to use. They give you a locker, and they wash your gym clothes every week. Wow.

Today involved more reading of online training materials, learning about the company, and trying to develop a routine. I brought my small Hotei (Laughing Buddha) figurine from home, and brought my wall calendar and wedding picture from my box of stuff from my old job. My desk is at least starting to feel like my own space.

I’m discovering that I’m really a creature of habit, be that a good or bad thing. I’m entitled to two 15-minute breaks and a 45-minute lunch, but I’m not really used to taking breaks. I’m also not sure if eating at my desk is expected or OK or what, since we do have a “pantry” on our floor, with a fridge and a microwave. As far as what to do on my lunch break… I haven’t been listening to my iPod, in favor of just walking around downtown, then walking down the riverside before going back to work. (I never realized that Toledo had such gorgeous views.) Today, I walked downstairs for my lunch walk instead of taking the elevator. All twelve floors. It really wasn’t bad. I think I might make that part of my lunch routine. Still, I think I’d feel more comfortable if I had someone I could hang out with for a week or so, do the break and lunch thing with, and just kind of learn the social ropes.

Speaking of social, I never realized how the four-person cubes at my old job affected our interactions. The new person would meet at least one other person and get to feel comfortable with that person, and the cube walls were short enough to see over when standing or walking. At my new job, I have SO MUCH ROOM in my cube, it’s indecent. I’m all crammed into one corner of it, though, just because I’m not used to having so much room to spread out. The walls are tall enough that I can’t see when people walk by, except maybe the tops of their heads, with makes it a challenge to socialize. It’s just little old me with my back to the cube door, reading my training materials and hoping to get up to speed. People have stopped in to say hello and welcome, but I can count the visits on one hand. I’ll get used to it, I’m sure.

Oh, and it’s SO QUIET! Did I mention that? So, so quiet. It’s weird.

Except for my computer, which sounds like it’s going to take flight any moment.

Hmm, what else to mention…? Oh, yes. I believe there is a corollary to Murphy’s Law regarding work photo IDs. The day my hair is greasier than hell will always be the day when I’m unexpectedly required to have an ID photo taken. RCC, Sky, and now here. At least I can get in to work now, I guess.

I’m currently in a 90-day orientation period, during which time I need to be on my bestest behavior and not call in sick and not be late (like they’d even know, since I’m salary) and do good and learn lots. And not abuse the work e-mail system. So, I guess this is the end of blogging via e-mail from work (and super-long e-mail volleys with friends) for now. Ah, well.

Honestly? I think that, once I get the hang of this MicroStrategy thing and get a better understanding of Data Warehousing, this job will really be up my alley. It seems like a great transition from what I was doing at Sky to a more IT-centric career.

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