Mrs. Grumpy-Pants

I tried to figure out my database reporting app all day, but was still confuddled by day’s end.

I left work extremely hungry, thanks to the apparently under-nourishing lunch I packed this morning. I guess a breakfast banana, brown rice with salsa and cheese, sugar-free pudding and a small yogurt just aren’t enough to keep me going. My plans to go to aikido were therefore thwarted, being that I required more sustenance than could be had in the five minutes I’d have at home before leaving for keiko.

One bowl of whole wheat rotini and tuna later — plus a bowl of Chocolatey Special K for “dessert” — I’m feeling sated.

Now I’m cold and tired, but don’t want to go to bed too early. That just means that tomorrow’s workday would come that much sooner.

Did I mention that Aaron’s Xbox 360 red-ringed last week? That’s a good month round trip until he gets a fixed Xbox. No vegging out in the recliner with Carcassonne or Backgammon or Catan or Puzzle Fighter. It’s harder to veg out with a Wii game, since they all seem to require actual movement and interaction. 🙂

Jeebus, I’m tired.

Just say no to the call of the refrigerator…